Trustees News

It is said that all good things come to an end and this is the case as the Trustees have to announce the retirement of two of the more senior and long-serving Trustees following their last business meeting in November 2017.

Mrs. Winifred Morrison, currently an Elder at Greyfriars Kirk, became a Trustee of the Grassmarket Mission in 2001 and has attended their meetings diligently until her retirement. During this time, she has carried out her duties efficiently and timeously and we thank her for her input.

The Rev. Dr. Robert Gould has been a Trustee since 2008 and is a former Chairman of the Trustees. He has been a tower of strength, and while in office, was the driving force behind the establishment of a Food Bank, as part of the Central Edinburgh Group. The Trustees greatly appreciated his input and sage counsel.

We therefore thank both Winifred and Bob for their long service and for what they have done to further the objectives of The Grassmarket Mission over the years. We also wish them well as they look to the future and new horizons.