Trustees News

As a consequence of her work and other commitments, Mairi Day informed the Trustees of her intention to stand down as Honorary Secretary with effect from the 31st March 2020. Although this proposal was received with regret, the Trustees understood the reasons for hr resignation as Office-Bearer, but were pleased that it is her intention to remain as a Trustee. Mairi has carried out her duties diligently, standing in as Honorary Secretary at short notice, and the Trustees were extremely grateful for her dedication to this task.

At the same time, Stephen Lunn intimated his intention to stand down from his position as Chairman, with effect from the 31st December 2019. He had served as Chairman for eight years and felt that it was time that a new Chair be appointed. Since he has also been a Trustee for 26 years, it was his intention to retire from the Board on the 31st March 2020.

Following these decisions, the Trustees were very pleased to report that Jane Paterson was prepared to take over as the new Chair, and wished her well. They were now looking to appoint two new Trustees, one of these to take over the position as Honorary Secretary in due course.