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September 2012

As autumn falls

There has been a lot happening this month. As we saw at the end of August, the roof had started going on. Well by the end of the first week in September, the vapour barrier had gone on ready for the insulation boards and cap sheet. Meanwhile down below, the glass went in for the frontage and the new window was cut out from the gable end of the old building. Work also started on fixing up the gable end of the Cowgatehead tenements.

By the end of the month work had started on sealing the roof to the 16th century retaining graveyard wall and roof of the exisiting building with stonemesons working on removing loose rubble and preparing the top of the retaining wall with new stone. At the same time, and unseen by us, work continues on the interior fit-out of the project. We hope to be allowed access during October so we can bring you some pictures of the progress inside.