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The Grassmarket Mission

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photograph of a carved detail on the original Mission Hall building at 94 Grassmarket

Our Mission

Times have changed and as the 20th century gave way to the 21st, so too have the conditions and needs of the community that we serve. The Trustees recognised that the purposes of the original Deed of Trust no longer adequately described the changed operational reality after 120 years in the Grassmarket area of Edinburgh. To address this, and also to bring the Trust into line with modern practice and legal requirements, the Trustees have adopted a Scheme of Re-organisation. OSCR gave its approval to the Scheme in July 2011 and it was formally implemented on 26th August 2011.

The Trust now sees its main mission as addressing problems of poverty, hunger, loneliness and homelessness as well as ministering to those who have, or have had, problems with substance abuse. In terms of the Scheme of Re-organisation, the Trust‘s objectives and principal activities are stated below

  • The relief of those in need
  • The advancement of the Christian religion and the promotion of religious harmony on an undenominational basis; and
  • The advancement of citizenship and community development

The Trustees meet at least three times each year, and in practice more frequently, as and when necessary. The Trust operates with an Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, who submit reports to the Trustees at each meeting. The current members of the Board of Trustees are;

  • Dr Stephen F Lunn - Chairman of Trustees
  • Mr Simon Bolam - Honorary Secretary
  • Mr Simon Bolam - Honorary Treasurer
  • Mr Alan Barlow
  • Rev Dr Robert Gould
  • Rev Dr Richard Frazer
  • Mrs Winifred Morrison